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What is Stealth Tell?

Stealth Tell is an app that allows you to send stealth messages on Facebook.

How It Works:

It works by allowing you to post an innocuous message to Facebook while posting whatever message you want onto Stealth Tell. Your friends then use the Stealth Tell application to be able to view these stealth messages.

Possible Uses:

If you want to post a message that you don't want everyone to see, but only the people on Stealth Tell, you can post a message on Facebook that all other friends will see and then counter that message with a stealth tell that only Stealth Tell users can see.

For example: You can post "I'm at the library studying..." on Facebook and display to all Stealth Tell users, "I'm at the movies."

Want to Start Sending Stealth Tells?

It's free to use. Visit our Download page to start sending stealth tells today! Or download from Google Play.